How much will it cost to raise/move my house?

Moving or raising a building is not an easy process. The structure size age and location plays a role on pricing. Please contact us for an estimate.

Does raising or moving a building or house reduce its integrity?

Danco House Raising & Moving knows exactly how to position the equipment, measure the weights, and properly move your house/building. When all this is done properly the integrity of the building/house is not affected.

Does raising add value to my house?

Yes it does add value. Especially if it has a new foundation installed.

Is there a limit on how far you can move or raise my house?

At Danco House Raising & Moving there are no physical limits but utility wires such as hydro, phone or cable wires must be removed if the structure is over height limits. The width and the length of the structure can also make a house move difficult.

Do you supply the permits or do i need to obtain them?

No. We do not supply the permits for your job. You will need to go directly to your town to obtain appropriate permits.

Do you excavate the basement or do i need to hire another contractor for that part?

We recommend that we excavate or someone very qualified excavates for safety reasons. Our employees are trained and know the proper measures to be taken while excavating under a house.

What about my landscaping and driveway? Will they be ruined?

Usually the grass around the structure will be ruined during this procedure. Any trees in the way for our equipment will have to be removed. Upon your request we can usually save the driveway unless otherwise specified by us.

What will happen to the inside of the house during the raise?

Sometimes you will get cracks over the windows and doors in the drywall, that is usually the extent of it.