House Raising:   We can raise your house or cottage for a new foundation.
  • basement
  • extra living space
  • repairing old foundation
  • add a second story to a house/cottage
House Raising and Repositioning:  We can raise and move it on the same property
  • to make room for a new lot
  • to meet setbacks for townships
  • cosmetic changes
House Moving:  We can move your home using our latest technology. Unified jacking machine and hydraulic dollies. We can move it as little or as far as you would like.
  • by moving you are saving on costs instead of buying brand new
  • recycles house
  • no landfill
  • sentimental reasons
  • historical / heritage home
  • makes owning a home more affordable
We also raise barns, cottages, home & single, double, triple and as well stone historical structures … any large structures..We are your mover!!

Danco House Raising & Moving
Don't ask us what we CAN move...tell us what you WANT moved
Serving all of Ontario
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